Following Teachers’ Protests this Spring, NY Times Continues Coverage of School Funding Woes


What happened to North Carolina over the last decade?  North Carolina used to be the state highlighted for quality education in the South, but then it flipped all-Red. The legislature became all-Republican in 2010, and in 2012, voters elected Pat McCrory, a conservative businessman as Governor—creating an all-Red trifecta state lacking checks and balances until McCrory was defeated in 2016.

In a report last December for the North Carolina Justice Center, Kris Nordstrom describes the destruction of public education that followed the state’s political transformation: “North Carolina was once viewed as the shining light for progressive education policy in the South.  State leaders—often with the support of the business community—were able to develop bipartisan support for public schools, and implement popular, effective  programs… The state made great strides to professionalizing the teaching force, bringing the state’s average teacher salary nearly up to the national average…. In addition, North Carolina focused…

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