Fine Article Takes You Inside the Oklahoma Teachers’ Walkout and Inside Red-State, Anti-Tax Politics


Watching teachers walk out this spring has startled America in these discouraging times, but nowhere was it as moving as in Oklahoma. The teachers walked out, and, grateful that teachers had figured out a way to expose desperate conditions in the schools, school superintendents and school boards—the management—shut down school for two weeks and walked with their teachers in gratitude. At the statehouse itself the protestors walked into a brick wall.  More than just demonstrating what is missing from their classrooms, they showed what decent concern for our children would require of us as citizens and what—across too many of our states—one-party, anti-tax state legislators and governors are quite satisfied to deny.

Rivka Galchen profiles the Oklahoma walkout in this week’s New Yorker magazine. Galchen, who accompanied and learned to know many teachers, reflects on her own experience of the strike and on the lives of teachers she came to…

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More evidence that Rick DeVos embraces his family’s ideological legacy

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

For years I have been hearing from people in the community, some who even identify as progressives, that Rick DeVos is different from his parents and grandparents.

The first time that someone suggested that Rick DeVos was different than his family’s right-wing history, was just before the first year of ArtPrize. I was told that I just needed to sit down and talk with him and I would see that he was different.

I responded to this claim that unless he has distanced himself from his family’s money and was willing to publicly come out against their stance on issues like gay marriage, labor unions, public education, religion, politics and capitalism, then he is not really operating any differently than the rest of his family.

Rick solidified his continuation of the DeVos Family ethos, when he founded (with Dick & Betsy’s money) 5 x 5 Night and Start Garden. Venture…

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DeVos Seems Unaware of Supreme Court’s Protection of Undocumented Students’ Right to Public Education

Unaware? I almost wish she was. Unfortunately I’m convinced she knows precisely what she is doing. Sigh.


The 1982, U.S. Supreme Court decision in Plyler v. Doe established 14th Amendment protection of the right to primary and secondary education for children of undocumented immigrants.  Writing for the majority, Justice William Brennan renounced those who had advocated against the protection of the rights of undocumented children, declaring: “It is difficult to understand precisely what the state hopes to achieve by promoting the creation and perpetuation of a sub-class of illiterates.”

At the Law Professor Blogs Network last week, Derek Black explains further: “This flows from the general principle that ‘all persons within the territory of the United States,’ including aliens unlawfully present, may invoke the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to challenge actions of the Federal Government…. The Fourteenth Amendment was designed to afford its protections to all within the boundaries of a State.”

The Supreme Court decision in Plyler v. Doe has been in the news because…

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