Members of the Grand Rapids Power Structure have contributed to some of the largest Political Action Committees in the current election cycle

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

A few weeks ago, the Lansing-based organization, the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, posted an article about the largest Political Action Committees (PACs) in the 2018 election cycle

According to the Michigan Campaign Finance Network research, PACs have raised $34.5 million so far for the 2018 Election. This is the most ever raised by PACs in Michigan at this date just before a state election. You can see from the graphic below, which PACs are the largest, four of which are part of the GOP and the other three with the Democrats.

There are a few members of the Grand Rapids power structure that have contributed significantly to the top PACs in the state, specifically members of the DeVos family and AutoCam CEO John Kennedy.

For the PAC known as Calley Continues Comeback Inc., DP Fox Ventures President and CEO Daniel DeVos, gave $200,000. Daniel DeVos also gave $250,000

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