Teachers in AZ, WV, OK, KY, and CO Turn Narrative from Test Score Outcomes to Shortage of Inputs


In the New Yorker,E. Tammy Kim summarizes the meaning of the mass walkout by teachers last week in Arizona:

“In Arizona and other states where teachers have recently gone on strike, pay is a central issue: the average American teacher earns five percent less than he did in 2009. (In Arizona, the average teacher salary fell from fifty-three thousand to forty-seven thousand dollars in that time.) But the protests are about more than salaries. In recent years, educators have been blamed by politicians and parents for an array of social problems, from bankrupt municipal pensions to low graduation rates in poor neighborhoods.  Standardized testing has constrained teacher autonomy and creativity, and charter and private schools have competed more aggressively for government funds…  Per-student spending has fallen fourteen percent in the past decade, and some two thousand classrooms have no permanent instructors.  Between 2010 and 2015, Arizona’s rate of teacher…

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Betsy DeVos Watch: Another speech at a religious university founded by Billionaire Christian Tom Monaghan

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

As we reported on in December, Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education has a penchant for speaking at organizations or educational institutions that shares her ideological perspective. 

It seems clear by now that DeVos choses to speak in public at places where she is welcomed, because virtually every other place she has given a speech has been met with significant resistance

Therefore, it is no surprise that on May 5th, Betsy DeVos chose to give a commencement speech at a University that shares her values. The Secretary of Education spoke at Ave Maria University last week, a conservative Catholic university that was founded by Domino’s Pizza CEO Tom Monaghan.

Just days before Betsy DeVos delivered the commencement speech at Ave Maria University, it’s president, Jim Towey, wrote an article on the school’s blog, entitled, Why We’re Honored To Host Betsy DeVos At Our University’s Commencement. In that…

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