Liberals, White Supremacy and the Cosecha GR May Day march

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

White Supremacy permeates just about all institutions in the US, whether we are talking about the state, corporations, religious institutions, the media and non-profits. Some of this is evident to most people, but a great deal of White Supremacy is subtle. In fact, it is safe to say that White Supremacy often is not recognized because it seems so normal.

One way that White Supremacy appears “normal” to the general public is the way the law enforcement operates. As we reported during last week’s May 1st immigrant-led march, there was a tremendous amount of police presence – on foot, on bicycle, on horseback and in cruisers.

The GRPD had sent out a press release earlier that day, with the following comment from Police Chief Rahinsky:

Our goal is for Movimiento Cosecha to be able to communicate its message and exercise it First Amendment right in a peaceful…

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