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Foodborne illness: Causes, identification and costs
Steering clear of bagged romaine? That’s not a bad idea, given that recent research found that it’s harder to remove harmful bacteria from salad greens than one might think. For details on this study and more, consult our latest roundup on foodborne illness.

Digital media research: The most interesting studies of early 2018
We highlight some of the most compelling papers in digital and social media published or released during the first quarter of the year. They offer insights into important topics such as fake news websites, audience analytics, media bias and using virtual reality to tell stories that evoke empathy.

Airbnb prices lower among minority hosts in San Francisco
A new study published in the Journal of Housing Economics looks at the pricing of San Francisco rentals available through Airbnb, a platform that allows individuals to rent rooms directly to others. It found that hosts who are Asian or Hispanic charge 8-10 percent less than white hosts on similar properties.

Do school uniforms really improve student achievement? 
We’ve updated one of our most popular posts with new research and statistics. This research roundup looks at how mandatory uniforms affect student achievement, attendance and behavior as well as gang activity in public schools. It’s a useful tool for fact-checking claims made by school board members, state legislators and others.

Economic impact studies: Should journalists rely on them? 
Before big projects go to elected leaders for a vote, consultants often will be hired to determine their financial impact – whether the projects will create jobs, for example, and improve tourism and property values. This updated tip sheet offers journalists guidance in scrutinizing and writing about economic impact studies. We also provide a list of academic articles that discuss these studies and their shortcomings.


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