GRPD’s Youth Interaction Policy provides no real evidence that they will not continue to hold youth at gunpoint in the future

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Just over a week ago, we posted an article in response an MLive story, about the 1 year anniversary of when Grand Rapids police officers held 5 black youth at gunpoint. 

The article cites Police Chief Rahinsky as saying that the police responded appropriately in this instance, that he would love to have more officers hired and that the GRPD needs to spend more time with youth, doing things like playing basketball.

In that same MLive story, written on March 22nd, the police department announced that they would be releasing a “youth police” document, in response to several high profile cases involving the GRPD holding black youth at gunpoint. You can read the 2 page document at this link

The Youth Interactions Policy is rather vague. It also frames the issue primarily around youth who are suspects. This notion that youth are suspects is exactly what people were…

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