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Hepatitis C treatment in black patients: Longer isn’t better
A combination therapy for hepatitis C has increased treatment success rates. Typically, patients spend either eight or 12 weeks on this regimen. While medical guidelines indicate black patients should not undertake the shorter course of treatment, researchers have found it works just as well for them.

Shave and a checkup: Health interventions at the barbershop
We reviewed the literature to find studies on health interventions that took place in barbershops as a strategy to reach black men, who tend to see physicians less often than black women and white men and women, and experience disparities in many areas of health.

Teacher salaries impact the types of educators working in schools
West Virginia schools closed for nearly two weeks during a recent walkout over teacher salaries. Local governments and educators are continually haggling over pay, especially in states with lower-than-average teacher earnings. Why should education officials and legislators care about teacher pay? We’ve gathered research that suggests, among other things, that higher pay draws smarter people to the field.

Rural mothers at risk of preterm birth following loss of care
In recent years, rural areas have suffered dramatic losses in obstetric services. As hospitals lose these services, rural mothers face challenges and risks. A recent study finds loss of obstetric services at hospitals in rural counties puts mothers at a higher risk of preterm birth and birth outside of a hospital or in a hospital without an obstetric unit.


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