Does Doug DeVos and the West Michigan Policy Forum really want to change the prison system in Michigan?

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

We have been monitoring the West Michigan Policy Reform (WMPF) group, ever since it came into being in 2008.

This group is made up of the West Michigan power structure, like the DeVos family, Peter Seechia, John Kennedy, Michael Jandernoa and other CEOs and politicians that have been supporting and lobbying on state policies since they were founded in 2008. 

The West Michigan Policy Reform has already been instrumental in pushing through state policy that benefits businesses on taxes, they were a force in making Michigan a Right to Work state, pushing for education policies that expand Charter Schools and last year got legislation passed to eliminate traditional public sector employees and public teacher pensions.

Now the group is taking on what they refer to as Criminal Justice Reform.

Over the past several weeks, the West Michigan Policy Forum has been posting pieces on their Facebook page, pushing what…

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