Financial Documents used to entice Amazon to come to Grand Rapids finally released, but 103 pages still missing

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

On Wednesday, the Right Place Inc. held a press conference and released 5 pages of financial information about the plan to attract the online sales company, Amazon, to open another headquarters in Grand Rapids.

The 5 pages of financial incentives are linked here, with a summary of the various options and the price tag in the graphic on the right.

It is clear that the financial incentives that the Right Place Inc, Grand Rapids, the Ford International Airport and Wyoming were offering was substantial.

News coverage of the newly released documents was covered by most commercial media outlets, like MLive and WOODTV8, but these news sources primarily focused on the dollar amounts of the proposals pitched to Amazon.

However, an article in MiBiz, does a much better job of asking important questions from the Right Place Inc executive Birgit Klohs. 

The MiBiz story states:

Klohs said the organization’s…

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