Statewide W. VA Teachers’ Strike Should Remind Us to Appreciate What Teachers Do

Here’s what teacher, in fact all public school employees to one degree or another:
“People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed.” — Samuel Levenson (December 28, 1911 – August 27, 1980) Teacher, American humorist, writer, television host, and journalist.


On February 22, school teachers across all 55 county school districts in West Virginia shut down the state’s schools by going on strike. West Virginia’s teachers say they cannot afford to support their families. The strike involves about 20,000 teachers and over 250,000 students.

Here is Sarah Jaffe in the NY Times: Strikes as broad as the one in West Virginia are vanishingly rare. But when they do happen, the prove that our labor history is not that deeply buried… West Virginia’s teachers, along with the rest of the state’s government workers, never got the legal right to collective bargaining, yet even without that right, teachers and school service workers have united across a largely rural state… By rising up against austerity, they have set an example for the rest of the labor movement and made it clear that they fight for the rights of all workers rather than…

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