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Safe injection sites’ role in the opioid epidemic
Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh have expressed skepticism over supervised injection sites as an effort to address the state’s ongoing opioid epidemic. Baker suggested that the research on safe injection sites as a “path to treatment” was inconclusive. We consulted the latest scholarship and found positive associations between safe injection sites and treatment uptake.

Can black Republicans win votes for the GOP?
Republican leaders are continually trying to draw minorities to the party, a strategy that will become increasingly important to its viability as the nation itself becomes more diverse. This collection of research looks at black conservatism and the likelihood that black Republicans can draw African-American voters, who overwhelmingly lean Democratic, to the GOP.

Gun violence prevention in schools
In the wake of a school shooting, conversation can quickly turn from grief to prevention. School administrators, parents and politicians debate ideas ranging from restricting gun access to arming teachers. What are schools already doing to prepare for gun violence? How do these preparations affect their students? Are these measures effective? We’ve collected recent research that addresses these questions.

Tens of billions in criminal restitution debt may never be paid 
Federal judges are required to order individuals convicted of certain crimes to pay restitution, allowing victims to recoup some of their financial losses. A new government report finds that offenders owed $110 billion in restitution at the end of fiscal year 2016. However, the vast majority of that debt is “uncollectible.” Almost all offenders ordered to pay restitution received waivers allowing them to forgo payment because they had no ability to pay.

Black children more likely to die after surgery
Surgery, while often lifesaving, is sometimes life threatening. Risk of mortality varies depending on procedure type as well as other factors. A new study finds death after surgery is more than twice as likely for black children than white children. The study proposes a more accurate model that pinpoints risk factors most commonly associated with this outcome for each group.

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