Making English the Official Language in Michigan, racism, anti-immigration groups and the DeVos Family connection

Oh good grief. Of all the problems we have in this state demanding what language we ought to be official is beyond silly.

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Last Thursday, the Michigan House of Representatives voted to make English the official language for the State of Michigan. The measure passed by a 62 – 46 vote, mostly along party lines, with the majority of Republicans voting in favor of the legislation.

The language of House Bill 4053 can be found here, which basically makes English the official language in terms of state government functioning; including meetings, documents, the public record, etc. 

The bill was introduced last year by Rep. Tom Barrett, with Triston ColeAaron MillerGary GlennLana TheisPeter LucidoShane HernandezLee Chatfield being co-sponsors. Those giving the most to the campaigns of these state representatives can be found on the Michigan Campaign Finance Network link on donor tracking

We found that most of the state representatives that sponsored the English only bill have primarily funded the bulk of their own campaigns. The exception…

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