Why We Chose Public School

When ALL schools are “choice” schools there will be no need for school choice. – Jeff


There has been much talk this week about school choice, because friends of Betsy DeVos sponsored a whole National School Choice Week to celebrate school choice and privatization.

And from people like me, there has been a lot written this week about how school choice breeds corruption—Ohio’s Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow that has managed to collect hundreds of millions of tax dollars for thousands of students who were not really enrolled, for example. And we have published reminders about how school choice really represents choice by privatized and private schools—because there are subtle, if not overt, ways privatized schools can select the students who will post high scores on standardized tests—and because privatized schools that are not required to serve all students and that are themselves being judged by their test scores have good reasons to kick out kids who aren’t going to measure up or who are going to…

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One thought on “Why We Chose Public School

  1. The writer talks about how the opportunities in this government-run publicly-operated school are “free”. They are not. Public schools are operated with tax dollars, which all citizens must pay.


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