Education Savings Accounts: Proponents Claim Educational Choice Beats Mere School Choice

Sadly the MI GOP led by the sanctimonious DeVos family gets the credit/blame for conceptualizing and bringing to fruition 529 plans being available for the wealthy to write off K-12 private and parochial school tuition and fees. Ugh.


The National Education Policy Center’s new brief, The State of Education Savings Account Programs in the United States, traces the history of school vouchers, explains how Education Savings Account vouchers work, identifies their problems and injustices; and accomplishes all this in a readable and interesting way.

The authors, for example, help us learn about Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) from this quote taken from published promotional materials from supporters who glorify ESAs and adore school choice. The sales pitch is notable for distinguishing “educational” choice from mere, old-fashioned “school” choice: “For more than two decades, school choice had been just that—school choice. In a potentially profound development, ESAs focus on educational choice and upend many assumptions that have framed education policy issues… ESAs give families almost unfettered control over the public funds allocated for their child’s education. With an ESA, parents are able to customize their child’s education by…

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One thought on “Education Savings Accounts: Proponents Claim Educational Choice Beats Mere School Choice

  1. ESAs are terrific! The state of Arizona passed legislation that will permit almost every family in the state, to opt-out of the government-school, and have control over their children’s education spending. The law is going to face a referendum this November. Arizona is showing the way!


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