Acton Institute, Capitalism and MLK: The Uses and Abuses of Dr. King Part II

Acton Institute, Capitalism and MLK: The Uses and Abuses of Dr. King Part II
JANUARY 25, 2018 by Jeff Smith (GRIID)

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Earlier this month we posted a story about the Grand Rapids Urban League celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, by hosting a corporate breakfast. Since this year is the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s assassination, we plan to write numerous stories looking at Dr. King, his message and how his message is used by people and organizations to justify their own goals and values.

Last week, the Neoliberal religious entity, known as the Acton Institute, posted an article entitled, The 3 reasons Martin Luther King Jr. rejected Communism. The article was written by Rev. Ben Johnson, an Acton Institute editor and a priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Johnson begins his remarks about King to say, “And 50 years after his death, his moral crusade for equal treatment under the law continues to inspire idealists across the globe.” While it is true that Dr. King has inspired idealists…

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Education Savings Accounts: Proponents Claim Educational Choice Beats Mere School Choice

Sadly the MI GOP led by the sanctimonious DeVos family gets the credit/blame for conceptualizing and bringing to fruition 529 plans being available for the wealthy to write off K-12 private and parochial school tuition and fees. Ugh.


The National Education Policy Center’s new brief, The State of Education Savings Account Programs in the United States, traces the history of school vouchers, explains how Education Savings Account vouchers work, identifies their problems and injustices; and accomplishes all this in a readable and interesting way.

The authors, for example, help us learn about Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) from this quote taken from published promotional materials from supporters who glorify ESAs and adore school choice. The sales pitch is notable for distinguishing “educational” choice from mere, old-fashioned “school” choice: “For more than two decades, school choice had been just that—school choice. In a potentially profound development, ESAs focus on educational choice and upend many assumptions that have framed education policy issues… ESAs give families almost unfettered control over the public funds allocated for their child’s education. With an ESA, parents are able to customize their child’s education by…

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