Betsy DeVos Has It Backwards: It Takes Public School SYSTEMS to Serve Individuals


I hope Betsy DeVos, our U.S. Secretary of Education, carefully studied the photo essay in yesterday’s Washington Post–the story of Mya Fourstar, the high school sophomore basketball player from Frazer, Montana. It is the sort of story DeVos prefers—about an individual, a gritty young woman determined to make something of herself: “‘It’s really hard for anyone to get off the reservation. You don’t see it happen a lot,’ Mya said. ‘I think about my future a lot more than you could imagine. I think about it all the time.'”

“Basketball is an escape from the troubles surrounding her, a core part of her American Indian identity, and the heartbeat of Frazer, where the sport is a lifeline…. But basketball also makes Mya put more pressure on herself, to be found where college basketball players aren’t often recruited, to stand out on these pale-yellow plains and leave the Fort…

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