Michigan is Bipartisan when it comes to militarism and capitalism

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

It is easy to present Democrats and Republicans as polar opposites, always waring with each other. However, the Blue State/Red State dichotomy is often an illusion framed around certain social issues.

When it comes to US foreign policy and the defense of capitalism, then we can easily see bipartisan consensus.  For most of US history, especially once wars are started, it is rare to find members of Congress who take a stand against US militarism. This bipartisan consensus is often framed as “support for the troops,” but a closer look will demonstrate that both the Republicans and Democrats are deeply committed to US wars abroad, which leads to a consensus on the Defense budget, which leads to bringing money to states that have a stake in weapons contracts or domestic military bases.

This bipartisan consensus was on display just before the holidays, when Michigan Senators Gary Peters and Debbie…

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