The Best of GRIID 2017: Exposing systems of power and reporting on movements of resistance

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

It is always difficult to try to limit the amount of stories you want to highlight in an end of the year summary of local news.

There have certainly been numerous stories that have developed in the past year, but in many ways these stories are symptomatic of larger, more systemic problems that certain sectors of the West Michigan community has to deal with all the time.

While we can acknowledge that there is maybe a new awareness around deeply entrenched issues like White Supremacy with the Trump administration, these issues are not new.

One thing we try to do here at GRIID, is to expose the systems of power and oppression in West Michigan, while at the same time shed light on the grassroots resistance and social movements that are opposing these systems. So here are some of the main stories/issues we have written about in 2017.



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