According to the Acton Institute, Thanksgiving is about Capitalism

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Organizations that are ideologically driven will often create narratives that serve their own purposes. This is exactly the case with a recent Acton Institute blog post, by Rev. Ben Johnson.

The titled of the post is, The other capitalist thanksgiving story: how trade saved the Pilgrims, and the US

This article by Rev. Johnson is full of misinformation and clearly creates a narrative to serve the Acton Institute’s ideological framework of celebrating capitalism.

The article begins by stating, “by now the Pilgrims’ disastrous experiment with collectivism in Plymouth, Massachusetts, is well-known, in free market circles if not among the young.”

The Acton writer wants to prove from the get go that collectivism or communalism doesn’t work, because the Pilgrims were a failure at it. One could hardly call the settler colonialists, living in what would later be named Massachusetts, an experiment in collectivism. The failure of the…

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