The Question is – why does 49503 have the fastest growing income in Michigan?

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Last Friday, MLive posted a short piece about how the 49503 zip, which is in Grand Rapids, is the fastest growing income in the state of Michigan.

The article provides some data and makes it clear that the 49503 zip code is not the wealthiest zip code in Michigan, but that it has had the highest increase based on percentage. MLive states:

“Average income in the ZIP code, which includes downtown Grand Rapids, increased by 31.8 percent between 2014 and 2015 filings, the data shows. The average income reported in 2015 was $93,995.75.”

The article also provides additional data and acknowledges that there are, “about 33 percent of residents in 49503 fall below the poverty level.”

However, the MLive article doesn’t ask the logical and important question as to why the 49503 zip saw such a significant increase of income.

You can see where the borders are for the 49503…

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Let’s Stop Making Excuses for Stigma and Ignorance

The Catalysts for Change


Let’s face it, in today’s world, people still have ridiculous and unrealistic beliefs about mental illness. Consider the recent Las Vegas shooting, which in itself was a tragedy. There are more people stating that the fact that he was on antipsychotic medication and had mental health issue was the cause instead of looking at things such as the gun laws, and other underlying reasons behind what happened. Even though in the US, it’s easier to buy a semiautomatic assault rifle then get a prescription for a controlled substance.

When people make accusations similar to these, considering the fact that it’s 2017, it truly shows just how little the world understands mental health issues still. People still take things such as stigma and other stereotypes or outdated information and consider them in a higher regard than the actual facts, which are backed by…

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