The Acton Institute and Puerto Rico: Climate denial and Free Market Fanaticism

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Over the past 10 days, people are deeply saddened by the devastation occurring in Puerto Rico and are pissed off at the administration’s lack of empathy for those on the island that are suffering.

Groups on all parts of the political spectrum have been weighing in on Puerto Rico, including the Grand Rapids-based Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty. In fact, there have been two postings on the Acton website in the past 2 weeks, postings that are worth unpacking.

The first post from September 22nd is entitled, Hurricanes Prove Human Solidarity: The law written on the human heart. The headline sounds encouraging, but the content is not what you think.

The Acton article, written by Steve Stapleton (a financial investment advisor), uses this opportunity to dismiss climate change before he even talks about solidarity. This is consistent with the position that Acton has taken over…

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