Boycott Artprize

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

(The following article was written by Russell Gorton and is reposted with his permission.)

Artprize is dumb and harmful to art and artists.

1. The premise of artprize binds art to money. This rewards spectacle, which is not the same as art.

Like capitalism, artprize does not reward bad luck. Artists become casino gamblers, feeding their dollars and their work into a machine with worse-than-random odds. Viewing art, learning about art, discussing the merits of art, building a public audience engaged with art — none of these things are made better with a hokey lottery attached.

Judging the best cuisine by public vote, results in McDonalds and Applebees. Similarly, artprize does not allow consideration of smaller pieces conceived without the intent to provoke a broad public response. Repeatedly, the artprize public has chosen meticulous production, imposing scale, systemic and repetitive techniques. 

Art is often not regarded as valuable and profound in its…

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