Those attending the MSU ribbon-cutting ceremony were greeted by anti-Betsy DeVos protestors in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Earlier today, MSU students organized a demonstration at the new MSU medical building on the corner of Monroe and Michigan in downtown Grand Rapids.

The reason for the protest, was due to the fact that MSU administrators had invited Betsy DeVos to speak at the grand opening of the new university facility.

An estimated 60 people showed up to protest DeVos, a protest that was organized by MSU students and faculty.

The MSU student-led protest included a petition to stop DeVos from speaking, which included these bullet points:

As Education Secretary, Secretary DeVos:

  • Recommends a $9 billion cut in federal education funding, including cuts to higher education, training and after-school programs.
  • Supports cutting financial aid to low-income college students making it easier for private loan servicer’s to prey on Michigan families. The MSU College of Human Medicine already has some of the highest per student debt in the nation.
  • Rolled…

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