Equifax, accountability and the cost of doing business.

Fred Klonsky

104698148-GettyImages-94593891.600x400 Equifax CEO Richard F. Smith. $15 million in total compensation. The security breach is not counted in his “distinguished” performance review.

There’s a place that opened up around the corner that is one of those shared workspaces that have popped up lately. These are marketed to millennials and are one grade above the local coffee joint. It is where you can set up a computer and have an actual address. Maybe meet with a client.

I laughed when Anne told me about it. She and I, now retired, have a shared workspace already. It’s called our house. Anne has the office upstairs. I work at the kitchen counter.

Clients are rare.

Of course, back in the day I was a teacher and I got a work review every other year. I always received the highest rating. That’s because I was a good teacher. Most days. But it drove the critics…

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