A Call to Action to Protect and Strengthen Public Education 

BOULDER, CO (September 6, 2017) – Headed for the start to a new academic year, the threats to public education are increasing. As education deans we cannot remain silent.

Building on the Declaration of Principles that was released in January of this year, the Education Deans for Justice and Equity (EDJE), in partnership with the National Education Policy Center, have prepared a new statement, Our Children Deserve Better.

Signed by 205 education deans and endorsed by 17 national education and civil-rights organizations and centers, Our Children Deserve Better details the values that underlie our vision for education in a democratic society: protecting and nurturing our children, empowering educators, and investing in public schools.

We join with countless others in demanding a better future for our children and our country, and we stand ready to collaborate with federal leaders and all who care about public education as we work to bring this vision into reality.

Our Children Deserve Better: A Call to Resist Washington’s Dangerous Vision for U.S. Education, including the list of signatories and endorsements, can be found on the NEPC website at http://nepc.colorado.edu/publication/children-deserve-better

READ MORE HERE: A Call to Action to Protect and Strengthen Public Education | National Education Policy Center

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