Walmart ad is both insulting and a lie

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

There is a new Walmart ad that has been running on TV in recent weeks, an ad that is identified as “many chairs, one table.”

In this new minute-long Walmart video ad, we see a montage of people, each of them grabbing a distinctly different chair. At one point music begins in the ad, which is a 1967 hit song from the band The Youngbloods, Get Together.

The chorus line for the Youngbloods song is, “come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.” We see a diverse group of people gathering their chairs and eventually they all end up at a large table outside, sharing food and enjoying this beautiful communal gathering.

It’s bad enough for Walmart to use this popular culture song from the 60s, but it is even more offensive that this corporation would use a community…

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