CURMUDGUCATION: Hiring Big Brother

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Hiring Big Brother

Posted: 28 Aug 2017 07:23 AM PDT

Data mining? Constant surveillance? That’s just unacceptable for our students. Hell, rich parents would never stand for it!

Well, about that…

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Members of the Grand Rapids Power Structure are major contributors to PACs for the 2018 Election

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

According to some recent data from the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, there are several members of the Grand Rapids Power Structure who have contributed significantly to various Political Action Committees for the 2018 Election cycle. 

The amount of money raised so far by the top 150 PACs in Michigan, is “the highest total posted by the top 150 PACs at this point in a two-year election cycle in at least a decade and could be the highest in state history, according to the Michigan Campaign Finance Network’s past tracking.” 

Members of the Grand Rapids Power Structure are some of the larger contributors to these PACs. For instance, the House Republican Campaign Committee, which has raised more money to its PAC than all other PACs til now received contributions from:

  • Nancy and John Kennedy, Autocam, $80,000
  • Peter and Joan Secchia, of the company Sibsco
  • J.C. Huizenga, Huizenga…

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Teacher Ken: Biden Says We Are Living Through a “Battle for the Soul of This Nation”

Teacher Ken: Biden Says We Are Living Through a “Battle for the Soul of This Nation”
by dianeravitch
Kenneth Bernstein, who blogs at The Daily Kos as Teacher Ken, calls attention to a perceptive statement by former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden writes:

Diane Ravitch's blog

Kenneth Bernstein, who blogs at The Daily Kos as Teacher Ken, calls attention to a perceptive statement by former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden writes:

“The giant forward steps we have taken in recent years on civil liberties and civil rights and human rights are being met by a ferocious pushback from the oldest and darkest forces in America. Are we really surprised they rose up? Are we really surprised they lashed back? Did we really think they would be extinguished with a whimper rather than a fight?”

One man has brought the forces of darkness out of the shadows.

What can we do?

“We have to do what our president has not. We have to uphold America’s values. We have to do what he will not. We have to defend our Constitution. We have to remember our kids are watching. We have to show the world America is still…

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Now That Guns Aren’t A Health Risk, What About Lead?

For the last twenty years, if not longer, the gun industry has steadfastly refused to consider the possibility that guns represent a public health problem. The fact that intentional gun deaths and injuries amount to more than 100,000 per year is of no concern because as we all know, it’s not the gun which creates the injury, it’s how some people use guns.

leadYou could also say the same thing about tobacco. It’s not the cigarette which causes cancer, it’s the person who decides to smoke. In other words, anyone who takes the ‘it’s the gun, not the person’ nonsense seriously probably believes that what Trump said last night about Afghanistan makes any sense.

Now that the argument over guns as a health risk is at least temporarily settled in favor of the guns, our friends in Fairfax have raised a new public health concern, namely, the crazy idea that…

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Did you know Facebook and Summit Charter Schools Have Teamed Up to Deliver Personalized Learning?

Seattle Education

Facebook Napalm Girl

It was a lucky shot, some say of Nick Ut’s famous Vietnam War photo The Terror of War, or Napalm Girl, as it is more commonly known. Less lucky, of course, was the little girl in the photo, Kim Phuc. She was running down the street, naked, after a napalm attack on her village. Her skin was melting off in strips. Her home was burning in the background. It was June 8, 1972. Ut was 21 years old. “When I pressed the button, I knew,” Ut says. “This picture will stop the war.” It has been 42 years since then. But that moment still consumes him.

In 1972, three years after the Tet Offensive, the Vietnam War had put President Nixon in a very tough spot during an election year.

For the first half of 1972, President Nixon made public overtures towards a formal peace agreement with North…

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