Giving us the government take: MLive essentially copies what Homeland Security had to say about ICE raids in Grand Rapids this week

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

As many of you know, there were numerous arrests made in the Grand Rapids area by ICE agents, targeting the undocumented community. 

MLive ran a story yesterday, noting that a total of 33 arrests were made since last Sunday. Well, at least we were all led to believe it was a story. What MLive posted yesterday, was essentially a re-print of a US Department of Homeland Security News Release on the 33 ICE arrests that took place in the Grand Rapids area this week.

Below, we put side by side the text of the US Department of Homeland Security news release (on the left) and the MLive article (on the right) to show how similar they are. The MLive story did not use all of the text from the Homeland Security office news release and they did move some things around, but MLive essentially did no reporting on this…

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