Bridge International Academies: A Dutch Perspective

Diane Ravitch's blog

Dutch journalist Maria Hengeveld reviewed the claims and business plans of Bridge International Academies and found much not to like. She is clearly irked that the Dutch Ministry of Affairs has invested in this plan.

Shannon May, a founder, says that BIA is all about “social justice.”

Hengeveld adds:

“And for profit. According to her husband, the “global education crisis” is worth about US$51 billion a year. In 2013, Kimmelman explained in a presentation how, for less than US$5 in tuition fees per pupil per month, Bridge could grow “into a billion-dollar company” and “radically change the world.” Earlier he and May promised that they could do this for US$4 per month per pupil.

“Big dreams and even bigger promises. However, my research and research done by others shows:

*that their quality claims have not been supported by any independent research;
*that the education provided turns out to be more…

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