Out of the swamp… or into the shadows? • OpenSecrets

If reported lobbying goes down, was the swamp drained, or is someone trying to circumvent the rules?

Nearly 2,100 federal lobbyists who were active in 2016 did not report undertaking lobbying activities in the first quarter of 2017. Of those, 58 percent or 1,200 of them continued to work for the same employer.

People change jobs all the time, of course, even within the same company. In the lobbying world it’s not uncommon for individuals to refocus their work on state level or global issues, move to public relations or take a more managerial position that does not involve trudging the halls of Congress.

At the Center for Responsive Politics, however, we found that nearly a third of the former lobbyists who stayed at the same organization have titles that indicate they are still working on influencing U.S. federal policy. Thirty percent had job titles that included terms like public policy, legislative, government, lobbyist and the like. (We excluded those that also mention state or international responsibilities.)

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Source: Out of the swamp… or into the shadows? • OpenSecrets

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