Lead plaintiff in 3% retirement case fought for fairness but died waiting for Snyder to return her money

One year ago, Lansing teacher Deborah McMillan pressed Gov. Rick Snyder to stop appealing the 3 percent retirement court case.
The 40-year veteran teacher was a lead plaintiff in the 2010 lawsuit seeking the return of money involuntarily taken from school employees’ paychecks.
McMillan marched in protests last summer and helped to deliver 33,000 petition signatures to Snyder’s office on behalf of MEA members who want their money returned, as three separate court rulings have ordered. 
“The longer this case drags on, the more that school employees like myself feel even more dissed, demeaned and devalued by those who were elected to represent us,” the longtime educator and union activist said at a press conference last June. 
Unfortunately, McMillan did not live to see the final resolution of the case, which has continued for nearly seven years as Snyder filed multiple appeals of trial and appellate court rulings in favor of MEA and AFT-Michigan. 
McMillan died in March from complications following a knee replacement surgery.
“She was supposed to be retiring this month, and everything is upside down now,” said her husband of 43 years, Chuck McMillan.

Read more…Source: Lead Plaintiff in 3% Retirement Case Fought for Fairness – Michigan Education Association


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