Michigan Legislators want to pass more anti-immigrant legislation and make it illegal for cities to support the undocumented community

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

The Michigan legislature will be hearing testimony tomorrow about House Bill 4015, also known as the Sanctuary Policy Prohibition Act.

This legislation will make it law that will prohibit and city, county or township government in the state of Michigan from enacting a sanctuary policy, particularly a policy that would make it illegal for local law enforcement to NOT cooperate with federal officials as it relates to undocumented people.

Section 5 of the proposed legislation reads:

Section 9 of the proposed legislation is equally problematic. It reads:

House Bill 4051 also means that local governments must provide in writing to the state of Michigan that they have complied with this legislation, should it pass, and if it does not do so, the “state treasurer shall withhold the total annual payment amount that the 5 local unit of government receives under the Glenn Steil state 6 revenue sharing act…

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