And 29 Comes to a Close

David R. Taylor-Thoughts on Education

Today ends my 29th year as an educator. To say the least it has been interesting from a local level, state level and especially a national level.

At the national level, it has brought us a new president and Secretary of Education that are doing everything possible to destroy public education. Their main agenda is to support “choice” through charter schools and vouchers systems, neither that has proved to improve education.

At the state level, some of our state leaders (Lt. Dan) have spent the entire legislative session focused on “bathroom bills” and school vouchers, neither for the benefit of public education in the State of Texas. The regular session ended over the weekend with no additional funding for public education because Lt. Dan would not allow any school bills to be passed that did not include vouchers. Selfish and short-sighted Lt. Dan.

At a local level, I still have…

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