A closer examination of what Betsy DeVos said about the Education Budget cuts yesterday

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

On Monday, we posted a critique of the proposed budget cuts that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has proposed. These budget cuts amount to roughly $10.6 billion and would negatively impact students of color, working class children, public schools and children with disabilities. 

Yesterday, DeVos spoke before Congress about these proposed budget cuts. Here is a link to her opening statements made before the House Appropriations Committee. 

One thing about DeVos’s comments is that she uses rhetoric that most politicians use, claiming that, the budget lays out a series of proposals and priorities that work toward ensuring every student has an equal opportunity to receive a great education.”

Such platitudes are repeated over and over again, yet there is no evidence that this is currently the case or has ever been the case when it comes to guaranteeing that every student receives a great education.

In her comments, DeVos…

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