Defeated Grand Rapids City proposal attempted to further manage public dissent

Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy

Yesterday, activists and organizers discovered that the Grand Rapids City Commission was going to vote on a proposal to further limit the ability of people to dissent.

The language of the proposal (read pages 231 – 241) referred to the growing dissent as, “Expressive Activity.” The proposal put forth at the City Commission yesterday states in part: 

As has been the case in cities across the country, Grand Rapids has seen a steady increase in the numbers of parades, rallies, marches and other activities. Since November of 2016, Grand Rapids has hosted at least 40 such events, averaging more than six per month.

The proposal goes on to say:

A “Notice of Intent to Engage in Expressive Activity” is required for groups of fifty (50) or more persons. The notice includes the date, location and a contact person, who shall be the “Receipt Holder” for the activity. The City will…

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Guest post by Bill Cobbs: It’s Truth Time!


We must decide who we really want to be. Do we want to be a nation of people forever focused on concentrating wealth in the hands of a select few or do we want to we want to make sure that the least of us is also provided for.

The Mad hatter proposed a national budget that took direct aim at every program that provides a safety net for our citizens. At the same time, he proposed massive tax cuts for the wealthiest American’s who don’t need them.

We absolutely need a national infrastructure program but proposing that it be a public/private partnership shifts the burden of paying for it on to the backs of citizens already living from paycheck to paycheck while the private partners stand to reap billions by transferring public assets into private hands.

The truth is we must recognize that trickle down does not work. It doesn’t create jobs or stimulate the economy. Increasing military spending benefits only the military industrial complex not the poor. Not the members of our military forces.

The people who call themselves conservatives and call for smaller government only want to limit government that stands in their way of profiteering at the expense of the poor and weak.

Rome (America) is burning and we are ignoring it to our detriment.

I’m drawing a line here in Michigan. I’m running to be Michigan’s next Governor and so that we can stop this trend towards denigrating the least of us.

We can do better.

We can create opportunity for all our citizens.

We can strive to be that bright shining star of what is possible when people work together.

Join me in returning to the us that is the backbone of American exceptionalism.

Together we can!

Footnote –

As I meet people across the state, I am amazed how similar we are. They say our nation is divided, but from barbershops to coffee shops, Michiganders I meet share many concerns.

Citizens express their concern for our future, for our infrastructure, for the people of Flint, for our Great Lakes, and for our schools. I have heard stories of citizens’ triumph over adversity, speaking up in the face of retaliation by Emergency Managers, and teachers standing up for students who have no one else. I am encouraged and strengthened by you. We can take back our state.

If you’d like me to speak to your circle of friends, community or political group, service club, civic organization or county Democrats chapter feel free to send an email to my scheduler, Jeffrey Salisbury at .

No group is too large or too small. I hope to meet you soon.

– Bill Cobbs for Governor 2018


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