Your Comment May Have Been Trapped in the Spam Folder

Diane Ravitch's blog

After learning that several regular commenters were unable to post comments, I contacted WordPress Support and told them of the problem. The two people I identified were, he told me, in the Spam folder. That was Ellen Lipubic and Artsegal. I realized I would have to review every item in the Spam folder to see if anyone else had been stranded there.

There were about 3,000 items in the Spam folder, and that was only the last 21 days! I scanned every single one and pulled out several regular contributors. Melissa Westbrook, Gitapik, Denis Ian, Jack Covey, Katie Osgood, Carolmalaysia, and several others.

I had to wade through hundreds of ads for Timberland boots, clock parts, contractors, sex ads, and ads in unfamiliar languages. Oh, and the ones that start by saying, “Hi, there, I love your blog. I want to start one too.”

Anyway, the lesson I learned was…

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