Keeping retirement weird. A road trip to Memphis to honor Dr. King.

Fred Klonsky

Civil rights ldr. Andrew Young (L) and others stanThe Lorraine Motel. Memphis. April 4, 1968.

Retirement offers the opportunity to take road trips.

The first week in April seems like a good time to head for Memphis. Anne and I have never been and Tuesday begins a year of commemoration for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was murdered in Memphis 50 years ago on April 4th, 1968.

I only got to hear Dr. King speak live once. It was at a giant civil rights rally in Los Angeles at the old Wrigley Field where the Angels first played. The rally featured tons of Hollywood’s liberal celebrities like Tony Franciosa, Paul Newman and Charlton Heston, who played Ben Hur in the movie and ended up being a gun nut conservative.

When the news came over the radio that Dr. King had been shot and killed I was sitting in a car waiting to pick up my mom after work…

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