‘Water is life, about that there is no question’ – Guest post by Bill Cobbs

Water is life, about that there is no question. I have been asked why I am so determined that Michigan should implement a comprehensive ecological and water policy. I’m going to talk about water today because it will play an ever-increasing role in Michigan’s future. Michigan is surrounded by 20 percent of the worlds clean water supply.

Democracy dictates that public policy be set by the populace. In Michigan, more and more of our policy decisions are being driven by private enterprise and special interest. This is a disaster in the making. Today we allow outdated oil pipelines to continue to operate long past their projected lifecycles {Enbridge 5}. We allow private corporations to pump water from underground aquafers based on public acts that never foresaw privatization of our water resources. Nestle’s, a multi-billion-dollar international corporation now pumps 200 gallons per minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a two hundred dollar a year permit. Nestle’s sole purpose is to use this water for financial gain. They currently are seeking permission to increase the amount the pump by an additional 100 percent. Michigan’s future is inextricably tied to water.

2030wrg.org{Water Resource Group} is a public/private “collaboration”. The stated purpose of the “collaboration” is to close the gap between water demand and supply by the year 2030. Sounds like a lofty and admirable goal. In fact, if you stopped right there you might breathe a sigh of relief that there were people tackling this issue.

Unfortunately, that sigh of relief would not last long when you became aware of the makeup of WRG. The partners include six international corporations three of which are heavily invested in the beverage business. Another 5 of the partners are in the banking business. The public partners have a much smaller footprint.

One of the private partners is Nestle’s Corporation whose former CEO is on record saying that water should be managed and controlled by private enterprise. WRG is not in this for altruistic reasons. Once again private enterprise is looking to gain control over a public asset.

Michigan must be a good steward of our water resources. We can only do that if we share information with our citizens and allow them to have a voice in how those resources will be allocated and used. We cannot afford to make a mistake.


As I meet people across the state, I am amazed how similar we are. They say our nation is divided, but from barbershops to coffee shops, Michiganders I meet share many concerns.

Citizens express their concern for our future, for our infrastructure, for the people of Flint, for our Great Lakes, and for our schools. I have heard stories of citizens’ triumph over adversity, speaking up in the face of retaliation by Emergency Managers, and teachers standing up for students who have no one else. I am encouraged and strengthened by you. We can take back our state.

If you’d like me to speak to your circle of friends, community or political group, service club, civic organization or county Democrats chapter feel free to send an email to my scheduler, Jeffrey Salisbury at JeffreyLSalisbury@gmail.com .

No group is too large or too small. I hope to meet you soon.

  • Bill Cobbs


Source: Clean Up Michigan – Bill Cobbs for Governor in MI

Email: billcobbsppf@gmail.com

Phone: 248-331-3275

The people of Michigan have waited too long for the infrastructure, water and educational issues in our state to be solved. If you want a Governor whose priority is putting the people first, you can help out with a donation. Every donation goes a long ways to reaching out to voters just like you, so we can win.
Bill does NOT accept donations from corporations.

Source: Creating Quality Education – Bill Cobbs for Governor in MI

Source: Governance | 2030 Water Resources Group

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