Vote correlation: Internet privacy resolution

GOP lawmakers who voted to quash the rule received an average of $138,000 from the industry over the course of their careers.

The House’s vote Tuesday approving a resolution that would allow internet service providers to sell data about their customers’ browsing history split nearly along party lines. The final vote was 215-205, with nine members not voting.

The Democrats voted against the resolution as a block. On the Republican side, 15 members split from their party and opposed the bill.

The resolution — which was approved by the Senate last week — blocks a Federal Communications Commission rule that would bar ISPs from selling customer data, including app usage, browsing history, even Social Security numbers, to marketers and others. Widely praised by privacy and consumer advocates when it was finalized last year, the rule hadn’t yet taken effect. Now — assuming  President Trump signs it, as he’s expected to — it won’t.

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Source: Vote correlation: Internet privacy resolution

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