Go Ahead and Celebrate the Massive Failure of Trumpcare | Eclectablog

 There’s been some finger-wagging that liberals shouldn’t be cheering the Republicans’ huge defeat on Trumpcare.

As everyone knows, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) didn’t actually put the bill up to a vote because it was doomed by defections from moderate Republicans and Freedom Caucus members alike.

And President Trump didn’t know the bill well enough to whip votes, Politico Magazine embarrassingly reports.

Yes, there are many other fights ahead on the debt ceiling, tax policy, Russian interference in our election, etc.

And I don’t think Trump and Ryan are giving up the ghost of killing Obamacare, no matter what they say.

So if Democrats want to take the opportunity to craft some fixes for the Affordable Care Act, I think that’s great. But for the time being, it’s OK to celebrate that a bad policy died.

Because that means:

24 million people get to keep their health insurance.

People won’t see massive insurance rate increases.

People with pre-existing conditions won’t be priced out…

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