Kalamazoo schools closure is proof paid sick policies are needed | Eclectablog

 The following guest post was written by Jenny Doezema, a Kalamazoo resident who sends her children to Kalamazoo Public Schools. Enjoy.

Earlier this month, Kalamazoo schools were closed when more than 1,900 students fell ill on the same day.

The district closed all schools on a Friday to allow them to disinfect the school buildings over a long weekend. Other schools were closed that week due to illness as well.

Winter is normally a time of year when schools are closed for inclement weather, but this year’s unseasonably warm weather has lessened the need for closing schools.

So why are so many schools closing because of massive amounts of sick students?

Any teacher or parent will tell you that when one child is sick, the likelihood that more will get sick is very high.

That’s why schools ask that parents keep their children home when they are sick.

However, the more complicated question is why parents make that choice.

The fraying of the social safety net over the past few decades…

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