I’m not a self made man.

On the contrary, I’ve been very fortunate to have good guidance along the way. I’m not a silver spoon baby. I’ve had to work hard to reach the things I’ve achieved. I’m not afraid to fight for what I believe in.

My entire life experience helped to prepare me for the responsibility of governing our state. I served in the United States Navy with distinction. My service was recognized, and I was selected for the Navy BOOST (Broadened Opportunities for Officer Selection and Training) program. Those selected for this program represent the best enlisted personnel in the Navy.

I grew up in Detroit, where my parents taught me the importance of hard work, in a city of hard working people. I entered corporate America at the very bottom. My career progression was driven by relentless effort to get the job done. However, hard work is not enough to climb the corporate ladder. No one at Xerox came to me and said, “Hey Bill we’re going to anoint you Global Vice President of our Fortune 100 company.” They didn’t say, “Hey Bill, you’re next in line, because you’ve done a great job.”

Nope, I was promoted to Vice President because I demanded the appropriate recognition of my contribution. I didn’t wait for validation. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. It’s the same for you, Michigan.

It’s time to stop waiting for the GOP to do the right thing. We have been patient, we’ve paid our taxes, now we also must DEMAND the roads be fixed, that tap water is affordable, and our schools are funded. This is not too much to ask, folks. There is no way on God’s green earth we should lay down and accept that brown water filled with 12 ppb of lead; at $200 per month for our homes is an achievement! Yet that is exactly what our politicians claimed, yesterday.

Some people have questioned my ability to lead because was not one of those politicians. They wonder if I believe Michigan should be run like a business, like Snyder. The GOP calls him a successful businessman, although Gateway was sold to China and everyone lost their jobs. It is a grave mistake to paint all business people with the same brush.

I’ve served my country with distinction, and served Xerox employees with distinction. I will serve the people of the State of Michigan with distinction to take back what is ours: Our Dignity, Our Democracy, and Our Resources from the hands of corruption, avarice, negligence and malfeasance. And, as a veteran, I believe there is nothing more important to fight for, than our children. As Snyder poses to take our schools, I am standing up and fighting to put the people first again in Michigan.

What Michigan needs is a Governor focused on the interest of the people. I’m a father and a grandfather. I want all of our children to be able to live in a safe clean state: One with safe roads and bridges. One with safe water and sewage systems. One with beautiful shorelines and clean pristine lakes.

We must be the masters of our own fate, the captain’s of our own destiny. A better Michigan is ours for the making. And the time is now!

As I meet people across the state, I am amazed how similar we are. They say our nation is divided, but from barbershops to coffee shops, Michiganders I meet share many concerns.

Citizens express their concern for our future, for our infrastructure, for the people of Flint, for our Great Lakes, and for our schools. I have heard stories of citizens’ triumph over adversity, speaking up in the face of retaliation by Emergency Managers, and teachers standing up for students who have no one else. I am encouraged and strengthened by you. We can take back our state.

If you’d like me to speak to your circle of friends, community or political group, service club, civic organization or county Democrats chapter feel free to send an email to my scheduler, Jeffrey Salisbury at .

No group is too large or too small. I hope to meet you soon.

– Bill Cobbs for Governor 2018


Phone: 248-331-3275

The people of Michigan have waited too long for the infrastructure, water and educational issues in our state to be solved. If you want a Governor whose priority is putting the people first, you can help out with a donation. Every donation goes a long ways to reaching out to voters just like you, so we can win. Bill does NOT accept donations from corporations. Bill Cobbs is truly PUTTING THE PEOPLE FIRST!

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