Are “Big Data” and “metrics” the new religion in education reform? | Eclectablog

Graphic credit: Gerd Leonhard

As anyone watching the corporate education reform movement can attest to, Big Data and metrics have become the coin of the realm to the reform community.

Let any conversation between reformers and defenders of public education go on long enough and the reformer will eventually blurt out the magic words: “But…accountability!”

This worldview seems informed by the belief that any problem, no matter how complex or complicated, can be solved by crunching enough numbers.

The problem is that when dealing with actual, living human beings, numbers don’t always–or ever–mean what we think they mean.

In honor of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, let’s look at an example from the world of sports.

Let’s say we have two hypothetical college hoops teams, the “Reformers” and the “Defenders,” and both teams finish the season with identical records of 20-15.

Based on their numerical records, the teams are equal, right? Not quite. Because the Reformers …READ MORE HERE: Are “Big Data” and “metrics” the new religion in education reform? | Eclectablog

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