What’s “choice” got to do with it, Paul Ryan? | Eclectablog

 Paul Ryan wants persons to have the “choice” to not purchase health insurance.

Hey, why so timid, Paul?

Let’s go Full Monty on this choice stuff, Mr. Speaker.

Let’s give persons the “choice” to not purchase auto insurance; I’m sure there won’t be any issues with folks getting into car accidents and just refusing to pay for the damage they do to someone else’s car–or worse.

Let’s also give folks the “choice” to not purchase mortgage insurance; I can’t imagine the banks you conservatives love so much will have any problems with that. Unsecured loans are their favorite.

Let’s get rid of all food and drug regulations–as you’ve been dreaming of–so we can all have the “choice” to play Russian roulette every time we go to the grocery store or out for dinner.

While we’re at it, let’s get rid of the EPA–it seems like that’s part of your party’s fever dream, too.

What could possibly go wrong if we eliminate the federal guidelines protecting our water supply–I mean, Flint was just…

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