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Senator Stabenow Speaks Out about Administration’s Delay of Asian Carp Plan

Last week, Senator Stabenow learned that the Trump Administration is delaying the release of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers draft plan to stop further movement of Asian carp in the Illinois River. “It’s extremely alarming that it appears the Trump Administration has decided to delay the release of today’s plan which is a critical part of our efforts to stop Asian carp and other invasive species from reaching our Great Lakes,” she said in a statement. You can read more in this Detroit Free Press story.

Stabenow Leads Bipartisan Great Lakes Task Force Letter Stressing Importance of Soo Locks

Senator Stabenow, Co-Chair of Senate Great Lakes Task Force, and Congressman Bill Huizenga, Co-Chair of the House Great Lakes Task Force, led a bicameral, bipartisan letter to the United States Army Corps of Engineers stressing the importance of completing the study at the Soo Locks in an accurate and timely manner. “The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is currently undertaking an economic reevaluation of a project to build a new navigation lock at the Sault Ste. Marie Locks complex in Michigan,” the lawmakers wrote. “This revaluation is necessary due to erroneous assumptions later acknowledged by USACE in its original economic analysis.  We write to ensure that USACE engages stakeholders and considers appropriate transportation alternatives to ensure an accurate benefit-cost ratio (BCR) analysis for the project, which is critically important to our states and the entire country.”
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Senator Stabenow Travels to Kansas for Committee Hearing on 2018 Farm Bill

Senator Stabenow, who is the Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry, joined Chairman Pat Roberts in Kansas last week for the first field hearing on the 2018 Farm Bill. Later this spring, Roberts will travel to Michigan to join Senator Stabenow for the second field hearing examining the 2018 Farm Bill. In her opening remarks, she stressed the need for the committee to work together to focus on the needs of farmers, families, and rural communities. “In this new Congress, we face a political climate unlike any other, but if there’s anyone who can pass a comprehensive, bipartisan piece of legislation, it is the Senate Agriculture Committee,” she said. You can read her opening statement, as prepared for delivery, here.

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