2016-17 Fiscal Year Wayland Union Schools Casino Funding Usage

Report on Use of Casino Funding (In lieu of taxes)2016 – 2017 Fiscal Year


Wayland Union Schools is fortunate to have the commitment of the Gun Lake Casino through its compact with the State of Michigan, our local district, AAESA and local municipalities. Through the distribution of these funds, as determined by the casino revenue sharing board, the casino will allocate approximately $1,551,000 to Wayland Union Schools for the 2016-17 school year in cash in lieu of taxes.

The following is a brief description of the 2016-17 uses of these funds which were approved by the Wayland Union Schools Board of Education.

The funds were allocated to three main areas:

Instructional Support, Community Support and a Public Improvement Fund.

Instructional Support- $427,582

IPad program at High School and Middle School – As part of the 1:1 Initiative, the district purchased new iPad Airs for every student in grades 7 -12. The older iPads are now being used in the elementary classrooms. Cost of this program is $167,893 for 2016-17.

Science Materials Aide Position – This elementary position assists teachers with ordering, organizing and planning for materials needed to conduct experiments during science class time. The cost of the position including related wages and benefi ts is $20,289.

Drama department budget – Funds used by the drama department to pay for their productions. A budget to cover these costs is $8,500.

Science Olympiad, Odyssey of the Mind and Lego Engineering programming – The cost of this programming is $8,595 including wages and supplies.

School nurse – A contracted position with Community Care Givers to address issues relating to student health and to assist with students who require specialized medical attention has been created. The annual cost for this is $63,250.

Field Trips – Students at all grade levels are provided the opportunity to go on curricular related fi eld trips at no cost to the student or their family. The cost of this program is $10,144.

Bus Purchase – District was able to purchase new buses paid for over three years. $148,911.

Community Support – $428,110

Classroom supply budgets for grades pre-K through 6th grade – In past years requests went to parents asking them to send in items which were needed for their child’s classroom. Such items might include kleenex, scissors, hand sanitizer, colored pencils, glue sticks, highlighters, etc. This was implemented to reduce the fi nancial burden on families, standardize supplies for all students and allow teachers more time for instruction. The cost of this is $43,850.

Two-way bussing for athletics – This allows for athletes to have access to transportation both to and from away events. Cost of this is $12,716.

Increased Community Education offerings – Staff was added to allow for additional offerings through the district’s community education program and provides some classes at reduced costs to the community. Cost for this is $26,980.

Eliminate pay-to-participate fees – Students no longer have to pay to be involved in district athletic teams. The cost for this is $60,330.

Elimination of student entry fees to school events – The district no longer charges students entry to school related events including athletics, performing arts, plays and musicals. The cost for this is $30,315.

Reduced fees for attending pre-school programs – The district reduced fees by approximately 30% for families participating in the district’s preschool programs. The cost of this is $55,560.

Reduce Door to Door Fundraising – The district no longer allows doorto-door fundraising activities by student groups, teams or organizations. The district allocated funds to fund the programs and activities that were funded with fundraised dollars. The total cost of is $39,290.

Athletics –Purchase of new uniforms and payment of tournament entry fees. Total cost is $22,500.

Pool\Fitness Center Management – The cost of providing management and staffi ng for the district’s pool and fitness center during district and community use including lifeguards. Total cost is $63,000.

Security/Public Safety – Wages and benefits of public safety offi cer. Total cost $68,569.

Scholarships- District to award $5,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors.

Public Improvement – $695,308

Funds from the casino in lieu of tax funding are transferred to the Public Improvement Fund. Funds are used to make needed repairs and capital improvements to the district’s facilities including buildings, ball fields, gyms, pools and other district owned properties.

During the 2016-17 school year the district has allocated $695,308 for the following projects:

  • Science & Innovation Center – (United Bank loan principal and interest payment)
  • Locker Rooms – High School Gym
  • Student lockers – High School & Steeby (Brainard Enterprises & Lyon LLC)
  • Roof maintenance program
  • Air Conditioning in cardio room at Fitness Center • Exterior doors at High School
  • Interior doors at High School
  • Pool lights
  • Pool repairs
  • Pool PAK- various vendors (Behler-Young Co.)
  • Pool PAK – various vendors (W. Soule & Co.)
  • Citizen survey (EPIC MRA)
  • Chiller- Middle School
  • New and updated lighting in Fine Arts Center
  • Aux Gym fl oor refi nishing (Floor Care Concepts)
  • Electronic sign with City of Wayland
  • Dorr septic and pavement (Oetman Excavating)
  • Baker/Pine/High School lighting controls (Control Solutions)
  • Concrete work at Baker (A-1 Asphalt Sealing & Repair)
  • Pine Street gym fl oor refi nish (Floor Care Concepts)
  • Warning track varsity baseball
  • Warning track softball fi elds (2)
  • CM services (Triangle Construction)
  • Dorr bladder tank and fi lter (Lameyer Plumbing)
  • Pine asphalt (Black Gold Transport
  • Middle School concrete lift (Van Dyke Concrete)
  • Fire extinguisher boxes
  • Track Field painting (McDonald Track Painting)
  • Volleyball sleeves – main gym (Ancore Drilling)

Source: http://waylandunion.org/downloads/budget_transparency_docs/2016-2017_casino_fund_use_report.pdf



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