BATS: Making a difference!

Dear BATs and BAT Supporters

Thank you to the thousands who continue to speak out against the confirmation of Betsy DeVos.  No matter the outcome, we have made a difference!  There has never been, in the history of confirmations, this much backlash for a cabinet candidate.  Things must be so  bad for DeVos that an organization run by Bobby Jindal (former LA Governor) paid a half million dollars to run pro DeVos ads on T.V. today.  The American public, thankfully, will not be fooled!

BATs sent over 8500 letters, our exposure of a free fax system saw over 14,000 faxes sent to Sen. Toomey’s (PA) office, and national reporting that phone lines were jammed with calls from citizens telling their Senators to say NO to Betsy DeVos.

BATs have been busy on social media trending #DumpDevos and #TaketheDevosPledge on twitter – if you are on twitter check it out and tweet to those hashtags

Parents and Teachers in Colorado, Nebraska, and Ohio protested their Senators who had committed to voting for DeVos – check out Colorado

We are hearing the vote on DeVos could happen either late Monday or early Tuesday – that is still a fluid announcement.

Once again, regardless of the outcome, we have fought hard and made a difference – now we unite and fight together!

Please wear all black tomorrow to protest Devos!

Check back with BATs and engage with us in the month of February.  Here is our calendar.  You can get event information here

Finally, we are beginning our February fundraising drive.  We are hoping you will consider becoming a $10 a month supporter! Empower BATs to make a difference. We rely on grassroots donations to sustain what we do. Read a statement from Executive Director      Marla Kilfoyle

In Solidarity,

Marla Kilfoyle, Executive Director BATs

Melissa Tomlinson, Asst. Executive Director BATs

The BATs Board of Directors and Steering Committee Directors

Source: Badass Teachers Association

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