Allegan Harvest Farm | Cultivating Life!

Cultivating Life!

Source: Allegan Harvest Farm | Cultivating Life!

Had lunch recently at Four Roses Cafe in Plainwell.
Group of us talking Michigan politics.
Fellow walked up to our table and asked if we’d ordered already.
We hadn’t.
He went on to tell us he was an Allegan County pork farm owner and that his employees were men from a variety of backgrounds all having faced personal life crises.  His pork was sold he went on to tell us to and prepared into meals at Four Roses by owners Tom and Jan Rose. His goal in employing them was to help them turn their lives around. Quite inspiring tale.
His name was Doug Rietema and he encouraged us to consider a lunch or dinner item or entree featuring pork.
Allegan Harvest Farm
3575 Dumont Road
Allegan, Michigan 49010
IMHO it has the making of a great “good news” story.
Check them out!

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