Wayland’s Winter Camp Improves Reading Scores for Students

February 2, 2017 for Immediate Release
Contact:  Laurie Zywiczynski, Director of Community Relations,  lauriez@waylandunion.org –269-792-2281 x2811

Winter Camp Improves Reading Scores for Students

Wayland Union Schools, MI – Wayland Union Schools offered their first academic Winter Camp during Winter Break this year for students in grades K-3 who were slightly behind their peers according to the Fall NWEA Reading assessment. After getting results back from the Winter NWEA assessment, the 30 kids who attended the camp achieved greater growth when compared to their peers who did not attend the camp. This growth demonstrates that additional assistance and support provided at the two week academic camp helped students improve in their reading and catch up to their same grade peers.

NWEA assessments measure growth in math, reading, and language usage. The district is also piloting the NWEA science assessment at the Middle School. Wayland Union Schools measures student growth three times a year in grades K-8, this provides immediate feedback to teachers and students and allows teachers to make adjustments to instruction.

The camp was offered Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8am-noon for two weeks during the winter break.  A similar camp will be offered again during Spring Break as well a traditional summer learning program.



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